About Brooke & Vanessa

Brooke and Vanessa met each other at the University of Missouri. Because they both major in journalism, they found themselves sitting next to each other through the typical boring college lecture. 

Vanessa quickly took notice of Brooke’s love of poetry, as she would sneak a book of poems into lecture and read. Brooke took notice of Vanessa’s love of the hot boys in the class. This sparked colorful conversation between the two and thus began a beautiful friendship. 

Both girls took classes the following summer semester and experienced many things together throughout the summer months, including road trips to shop, watching numerous films together and observing football camp. Needless to say, Summer ’08 was a great summer for a friendship to flourish. 

About 12 months into their friendship, Brooke and Vanessa were inspired to begin the creation of a blog. Both girls watched a season of the Bachelor, a reality TV series,  and found that their opinions on what they saw were so strong that they should be shared with the World Wide Web community. They quickly discovered that the Bachelor was not the only thing that they were opinionated on—they actually had many opinions on a wide range of things within the realms of pop culture and the media. 

They then decided to make their blog a social commentary. Read. Enjoy. Comment.             

                                       Some junk about Brooke 

Brooke is a recent graduate from the Missouri school of  journalism, and received minors in English and business. She wants to work in advertising or public relations but is currently stationed in NYC, where she is participating in a publishing program through NYU. She is from a small town in Texas where her parents, younger brother, and two dogs reside. 

5 semi-random things about her: 

1) Her favorite flavor is strawberry. 

2) She loves Batman. A lot. 

3) Old people for Brooke are like babies to everyone else. One of her best friends is 80 years old. 

4) An online quiz diagnosed her as 44% hypochondriac. 

5) When everyone leaves the office, she turns on her Marky Mark radio station on Pandora. 

                                  Some junk about Vanessa 


Vanessa studies magazine journalism and English. After she graduates, she wants to write/blog  for a magazine in a big city, mentor children in urban school systems or get a job through AmeriCorps . For now, she earns the Benjamins dazzling the school’s athletics dept. with her awesome office skills and tutoring writing for students on campus. She is from Missouri where her parents and younger sister live.  


5 semi-random things about her: 

1) Her favorite movie is Some Like It Hot

 2) Two of her favorite things are trampolines and intellectual conversation. 

3) Her dream job would be to travel the world as a photographer/travel blogger for National Geographic. 

4) If she could do life over again, she would be bilingual. And a professional dancer.

5) If she could be on the set of any movie ever made/have a role in a film, it would be in The Lord of the Rings – Return of the King.


3 responses to “About Brooke & Vanessa

  1. This doesn’t seem like junk to me. Best of luck in you endeavors.

  2. Great About page, ladies. Nice to meet more people studying English (I was an English major myself, back in the day.) A very nice blog, too. I enjoyed your calling-all-Trekkers post. I grew up on Next Gen and Voyager. That book summary was rubbish.
    By the by, Vanessa, one of my best friends actually got to be an extra in LotR: RotK! She was an orc!

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