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I Love Beyonce (and so can you)

About every other week this summer my roommates and I will get together to watch the Beyoncé Experience. One of my roommates in particular is a HUGE fan. He was even able to go see her Sasha Fierce tour in Chicago 2 weeks ago!!! (So jel).

Anyway, I thought I would share with you some of the reasons why I love Beyoncé.

1. Her amazing VOICE. Seriously, she does her concerts LIVE…like actually sings. Whodathunkit?

2. Her DANCING. You all know you’ve seen the Single Ladies dance a hundred different times from various performers on YouTube. Clearly there is power in the art of rhythmical movement. Here’s one of my faves that went slightly wrong. (Note to self: NEVER wear a mask and dance at the same time!!!)

3. She can ACT too. B is actually a GOOD singer gone actress…not a Mariah Carey.

4. Her smokin hot bod!!! Come on, who else could work that ass?

5. Patting the WEAVE. This is by far my fave. I love this dance from the Beyoncé Experience DVD. All my roomies know this dance…and we like to work it!

6. She’s a southern girl. Beyoncé, for those of you who didn’t know, is from my home state of TX!!!

7. She loves her family. Ok, seriously, she is always pimpin her momma’s House of Dereon.

8. She is married to Jay-Z. Nuf said.

9. No tabloids. Can you tell me one time that you have heard of Beyoncé being involved in some kind of scandal?…Didn’t think so.

10. She’s DIVA. Everyone loves a good diva, and everyone wants to be a diva. (Nah nah a DIVA is a female version of a hustla -of a of a- hustla -of a of a- hustla!)

I’m just gonna say it…Beyoncé is the greatest female performer of our generation. And if my list didn’t give you enough reasons why, check out this video below!

peace & love   -B


We’ve run out of things to say.

No, I’m not talking about my  crazy long absence from the blogging world…Although I do apologize for that. I just moved into a new house and have been working on that. But enough with my excuses. 

The music world has run out of things to say. I heard this song on the radio during my drive back from Texas. I couldn’t help but draw the parallels from this song Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan and Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood. 

Both songs talk about some fool of a man who cheated or wronged the powerful female and she takes her revenge out on his car. (Ladies, take note, no matter who you are you can destroy a man by killing his car). 

Although the two songs share the same “destruction of a man’s property and take revenge for women everywhere” esque quality, I really like both of these songs. And I think it’s great that certain ideas can flow across genres. One song is performed by a beautiful black woman and the other by a cutie country crooner.

And as much as I love the flow of ideas. Maybe we could try a song about forgiving the man or perhaps a follow up tune about the repercussions of actions. Until that happens, check out the songs below.

peace & love


What does T-Pain really sound like? We will never know…

It’s hard to turn the radio on without hearing a song T-Pain hasn’t contributed to in some way or another. The sick nasty man is hott right now…and I have to say, the music probably wouldn’t be the same without his grillz, long braided hair, and technologically advanced vocals. Here’s one of his newer “performances.” I actually like this one, next to I’m On A Boat of course. 

peace & love 


This is why Joe is the best Jonas

Ok, we all have our favorite Jonas brother…But this is why Joe is mine. 


dear 1991, thank you

In the early ‘90s, a time when Dr. Dre and Tupac Shakur ruled the rap scene, Marky Mark felt it necessary to break free from the world of male modeling and join their forces.

As if Vanilla Ice weren’t enough.

Ok Ok, we all know there are plenty of white rapper jokes that could apply to Marky Mark, but I’m not here to tell them. Oh no.

Instead I’m going to tell you how much I miss(ed)—literally—the early days of rap and hip-hop. I was only 3 years old when the scene emerged and have recently become fascinated with it. So, about a week ago I found myself searching through new & used record stores to find the Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch album Music for the People.

"I'm legit y'all fo real"

"I'm legit y'all fo real"

In a failed attempt to buy local, I became a slave to the online everything store of and found the album used from a seller for $9.00. Quite a deal.

Now, for those of you who don’t know me, I have this odd fascination/obsession with Mark Wahlberg and his Funky Bunch days. I have watched every music video I can find (and trust me there aren’t many considering his denial of every being Marky Mark. Sad, I know).

However, this obsession is probably why I started with Marky Mark instead of someone like Tupac to begin my knowledge quest. But, what can I say?

As much as Camp Wahlberg tried to keep me from obtaining the album, I finally received it in the mail yesterday. I immediately uploaded it to my computer. Then I listened to the entire thing through, placed it in my car’s CD player, and have played it every time I’ve gone for a drive.

My fave songs are “Good Vibrations” and “On The House Tip.” I’ve posted one of the only surviving Marky Mark videos below. (Ladies, he takes his clothes off halfway—jussayin).

Now, I’m not saying you have to like Marky Mark (considering his fans tend to be few in number) but I’d like you to appreciate the fact that I went through the trouble to write this up for you. And if you do happen to be a quirk like me, let’s talk sometime.

As Marky Mark would say,

I’m outie like last year



(Just as an FYI, the Funky Bunch is too good for iTunes, but you can still find “Good Vibrations” under Loleatta Holloway.)

This really has nothing to do with shopping…

The best way for girls to bond is to spend a day shopping. So last summer during the beginning of our friendship, Vanessa and I took a day out of our busy summer schedules to road trip it out to an outlet mall for some good ole retail therapy/bonding.

During this trip we discovered a shared passion for Sam Sparro.


quirky love

quirky love


Sam Sparro’s music is so delicious, you won’t want to stop listening. It’s fun and great to dance to—even in the car. (Don’t act like you don’t do the same. You know you’ve been caught by as many a passerby as we have.)

I’m sure Vanessa would have more explicit things to say about Sam. (She even likes to keep a photo of him as her desktop background, hehe) But that’s all I have for now.

Some of our fave tracks include: “Black and Gold” “Cottonmouth” and “21st Century Life.” Check out “Cottonmouth” below.

 SOOOO, Come share in our love for Sam!!!

Check out the rest of his debut CD entitled Sam Sparro. Trust me, there isn’t a bad song on the album.

Also, visit his official Web site here!!!


peace & love


New Music: Pimpin’ a Fave

Tyler Hilton, one of my favorite musicians, released an EP on iTunes yesterday entitled Better on Beachwood. I’ve been waiting for new music from him for some time now. Thankfully, I no longer have to keep my YouTube account up with a Tyler Hilton quicklist tribute constantly on repeat.

 One of my favorite new tracks from the EP is this one:

 Other songs include “Don’t Forget All Your Clothes” and an acoustic “I Believe in You.” If you dig this music as much as I do, purchase it immediately from iTunes!!!

album cover

album cover

AND check out Tyler’s previous albums The Tracks of Tyler Hilton, and Tyler Hilton. (Real original, I know, but trust me…You won’t want to miss these.)


I’m going to pimp out this “Tore the Line” cover done by one of my YouTube favorites Mads Wolffbrandt.

 Are you a fan of Tyler too? What songs would you like to see on the new album? What do you think of Mads?

Let me know!

For more information about Tyler:

check out Tyler’s YouTube channel here

visit his official Web site here

and myspace account here


For more information about Mads:

check out Mads’ YouTube channel here

listen to Mads here

and here


peace & love